"Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology" in IA UJ.

From April 23rd to 27th the Jagiellonian University and the city of Kraków will be a host of an international conference Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA), dedicated to using of digital and statistical methods in archaeology. Thanks to a decision of CAA International society, made in 2017 in Atlanta, 47th edition of this event will be organised for the first time in Poland. The conference is organised by the Institute of Archaeology at the Jagiellonian University and CAA Poland.

The CAA society is made up of archaeologists, mathematicians and IT specialists, as well as representatives of other fields of science whose aim is to develop a common language, helpful in cooperation and conducting interdisciplinary research. From 1973, participants from around the world present the results of their research and discuss the application of new methods and tools for the analysis of archaeological data. Machine learning, computer simulations, data visualization, 3D modelling, Geographic Information Systems, social networks, non-invasive research and new methods of documentation are just some of the areas of focus for CAA members.

All these issues determine the latest trends in archaeology. The theme of this year's conference – Check Object Integrity – is a command used in the IT industry to control the integrity of data. It aims to emphasise the need to reflect on the rational and reliable use of all technological innovations that have appeared in archaeology in recent decades. Although we are looking for solutions that use technological progress, simultaneously, we must bear in mind the overarching goal of archaeology that is to study the past of mankind.

The recent achievements, possibilities and problems will be presented as part of the discussion and workshops that will take place at the Auditorium Maximum, JU Institute of History and JU Institute of Archaeology. It is noticeable that over 600 lecturers, representing various fields of science, setting new trends in contemporary archaeology, have applied for the conference. Therefore, the conference will be a unique opportunity to promote the Jagiellonian University and Krakow internationally.

Official site: https://2019.caaconference.org

Published Date: 05.02.2019
Published by: Grzegorz Radosław Bąk-Pryc