Dr hab.
Jarosław Źrałka

Kierownik zakładu

Dr Radosław Palonka


Dr Michał Wasilewski



  • mgr Konrad Abramczuk
  • mgr Dorota Bojkowska
  • mgr Adriana Drabik
  • mgr Beata Golińska
  • mgr Maciej Jabłoński
  • mgr Piotr Kalicki
  • mgr Magdalena Krzemień
  • mgr Łukasz Majchrzak
  • mgr Jakub Nawrot
  • mgr Anna Słupianek
  • mgr Magdalena Więckowska
  • mgr Magdalena Rusek
  • mgr Magdalena Lewandowska

Chair of New World Archaeology

The Department of New World Archaeology is the newest academic unit of the JU Institute of Archaeology, even though the New World archaeological research traditions in Kraków date back to the 1970s, when the systematic expeditions to the Peruvian Andes by Andrzej Krzanowski and excavation research of pre-ceramic cultures on Cuba and Santo Domingo by Janusz K. Kozłowski began and resulted in a number of academic publications.

International collaboration

The Department cooperates with the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, participating in the international project Union Academique Internationale: Corpus Antiquitatum Americanensium, which aims to publish the collections of pre-Columbian relics from museums all over the world. The results of research and studies of the Department are published, inter alia, in the series Contributions in New World Archaeology (formerly: Polsh  contributions in New World Archaeology:

The JU Department of New World Archaeology collaborates with a number of universities and research centres in North America (universities in Philadelphia and Tuscon), Central America (Gwatemala), South America (Lima, Buenos Aires), and Europe (e.g. Quai Branly museum in Paris, Ethnological Museum in Barcelona).

Research projects

Currently the main areas of research carried out at the Department of New World Archaeology are:


  • research into the beginnings of New World colonization (J. K. Kozłowski)
  • research into the history of native North American cultures (P. Palonka)
  • research into the rise and fall of Mayan culture (J. Źrałka, W. Koszkul)
  • research on South American cultures (M. Wasilewski)


The Department also teaches courses to students, in Polish and English, about pre-Columbian civilizations of the New World.


Since 2006, the academic staff members from the Department of New World Archaeology have been carrying out independent archaeological research in Guatemala. They are conducted within the framework of the Nakum Archaeological Project led by Dr J. Źrałka and Mr W. Koszkul. More information about the project is available at: NAKUM Archaeological Project and