General information about the course of studies and the curriculum

The programmes of study run by the JU Institute of Archaeology include:

  1. Archaeological studies:
    a) undergraduate programmes (first-cycle) – full-time and part-time mode
    b) graduate programmes (second-cycle) – full-time and part-time mode
  2. Cultural studies: Ancient civilizations
    1. undergraduate programmes (first-cycle) – part-time mode
    2. graduate programmes (second-cycle) – part-time mode

Full-time and part-time undergraduate programme (first-cycle)

The undergraduate programme: archaelology is three years (six semester) long. It is designed for people who would like to gain basic knowledge from the field of archaeology and related sciences as well as archaeological research methods.

There subjects taught are divided into four basic groups:

  1. General subjects – the basics of selected humanistic subjects (e.g. ancient or medieval history, ethnography, philosophy)
  2. Basic subjects – auxiliary sciences of archaeology
  3. Core subjects – covering the most important sub-disciplines of archaeology
  4. Field classes – participation in the excavation works carried out by the Institute (in Poland and abroad)

The graduates can find employment as excavation specialists, in museums, in conservation services, and in specialized firms that carry out rescue excavations. They can also continue their education at the graduate level.

Full-time and part-time graduate (second-cycle) programme

The graduate second-cycle programme: archaeology is two-years (four semester) long. It is designed for people who would like to widen their archaeological knowledge and gain the basis to conduct independent excavation research.

The subjects taught are divided into two major groups:

1.General and basic subjects covering archaeological theories as well as selected humanistic and scientific disciplines.

2.Core subjects and practical subjects (including field classes) - several hundred hours of specialized courses and monographs from different sub-disciplines of archaeology.

The graduates of the graduate programme: archaeology are equipped with a thorough knowledge in a given archaeological speciality, and also in archaeological theory and methodology. Besides, the education in general humanities and the elements of science makes them well-prepared to conduct interdisciplinary research in collaboration with representatives of other disciplines. The graduates receive the MA degree in archaeology, which, according to the Polish law, is necessary to be allowed to carry out excavation research. They are prepared to work in research institutions, higher education institutions, museums, and conservation services.